Pastoral Team

Teme Valley South Churches’ Pastoral Team

Set up by the PCC and with members selected by local Church Committees members have received training and are accountable to the PCC

“Pastoral care” comes from the idea that God is like a shepherd – only better! Just as a shepherd cares for their sheep, so God cares for us.The Christian belief is that we are all (church goers or not) made in God’s image. We are all created to care and be cared for.However those who have signed up to a belief in a caring God have a greater responsibility to care.

The Pastoral Care Team has been formed so that the Churches in these villages can show the care that we believe God has for everyone.

So it’s not the Team's job to do all the caring, in the same way that it’s not the vicar’s to do all the caring. The Team is there to help us all to care for each other and it’s a clergy role to help the team to work effectively.

There will be times when Team members are involved in what is more obviously pastoral care – visiting and the like. And there will be times when Team members work with others to help create that care which is the responsibility of us all.

An example of this is the Neighbours Lunches. Ann and Jenny, more team members, have worked with others to make it happen in Rochford.  This has also happened in Stoke Bliss

Another example is that the Team have produced “Welcome to Village” folders for people moving in.Please let the Team know of newcomers – the Team can’t know everything. Pastoral care depends on our all taking part.

The Team is not there to be a bunch of holier than thou busy bodies sticking their oar in where it’s not wanted. It’s made up of Ann Prosser, Jenny Barbe, Lesley Dean and Mel Cummins as well as Julia Curtis and Sue Softly (our Safeguarding Lead). We’re here to help the Church as a whole make sure there is pastoral care in these villages.Please support us by your prayers, by letting the team know what’s happening and by engaging with the Team’s activities.

Rev'd Julia Curtis (01886 853286)







Sue Softly (01584 881342) - Safeguarding Lead for Teme Valley South Churches






Jenny Barbe (Tel: 01584 781298) - Rochford

I was asked if I would be part of the Pastoral Care Team for Teme Valley South along with Ann Prosser the other member of our team from Rochford.  I hope I can be of help to anyone who needs support in our community.  If you need support or know of anyone else who needs help please do not hesitate to get in touch. Tel: 01584 781298.




Ann Prosser (Tel: 01584 781317) - Rochford

I am semi retired now only doing some catering and village events. I am very happy to live in Rochford  and to help in any way I can







Lesley Dean (Tel: 01886 853295) - Stanford

I hope that I can bring some of my experiences to help others, should they need help, but I am happy to visit anyone who would like to see a (hopefully) cheery face!









Mel Williams (Tel: 01584 781284) - Eastham

I live in Eastham and am very happy to be an objective listening ear or to help in any way I can.








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