Weddings are celebrations and it is important that the church part of the day is as enjoyable as the reception afterwards. That isn't to say that the solemn vows aren't treated with great seriousness, but the whole event should be joyful.

We recognise that while marriage should be the union of one man and one woman for life, that isn’t always the case. We believe that God is about forgiveness and second chances and so we are happy to explore the possibilities of marriage where there has been a previous marriage that is ended.

So we welcome weddings. The Church of England website has lots of useful information about costs, suggested hymns, readings and how to make your special day just right for you.


If you are getting married and looking for a local florist you might want to consider  Blooms & Bees  or Hanna Mulcahy

Or for for a local photographer, Pete Thorp is well regarded locally as is Edward Liddell




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