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Recently the company we have been using to allow you to view TemeTalk by 'turning the pages' have introduced a charge for supplying us with the code to continue to do this. We have investigated alternatives and note that most parishes offer PDFs of their Parish Magazines.

PDF means Portable Document Format - it is an international standard used by people wanting to publish items which can always be read on any  computer. By supplying TemeTalk as a PDF - this allows you to review the magazine on-line or save it to your computer or tablet so that you can look at it when you want. You can print it, but it will be a costly process to print the whole magazine - however it is possible with the PDF to print individual pages.

In order to read a PDF file on your computer or tablet, you need to have Acrobat Reader on your computer - if you do not have it, it can be downloaded from here Acrobat Reader Download

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