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You can support Teme Valley South Churches

  • by your Donations
  • by using Easyfundraising
  • by participating in the Teme Valley Tote

We are most grateful for anything which you are able to give.

1. By your Donations

a) Regular Donations

We are now enrolled in the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS), which is a scheme supported by the Church of England. It will be possible to regularly give to either the TVS Central fund or a specific church in TVS by Direct Debit. The full details are on the attached PDF. The easiest way to enroll is to phone 0333 002 1271 - they will need your bank account details and who you want to  make the regular donation to:

  • To give to TVS PCC Central Account quote PGS Code 420642280
  • To give to Eastham Account quote PGS Code 420642264
  • To give to Hanley Account PGS Code 420642281
  • To give to Rochford Account quote PGS Code 420642276
  • To give to Stanford Account quote PGS Code 420642278
  • To give to Stoke Bliss and Kyre Account quote PGS Code 420642283

b) Occasional Donations via Stewardship Fundraising

We have recently enrolled with - this link will take you directly our Fundraising page.  You are able to donate via your credit or debit card. Please give your details and state which account you would like to benefit.

c) Direct Bank Transfer

If you wish to make a donation to the TVS PCC General Account - you can do this NOW if you have internet banking- the details are:

Account Name TVS-PCC  General Account   Sort Code: 30 98 52  Account Number: 16533460

2. By using Easyfundraising

You can sign up to support us with Easyfundraising. When you do we get a small percentage of those things you buy online at John Lewis, Amazon or thousands of other retailers - at no cost to you!

3. By participating in the Teme Valley Tote

You can support the Teme Valley Tote. Details here

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